Pe Final Exam

Topics: Learning, Education, Knowledge Pages: 1 (451 words) Published: January 9, 2013
PE Final Exam
This year in Physical education was a very beneficial experience, that helped mature and grow in several ways. I also had the advantage of having a supportive teacher like Coach. This year we did several projects such as the webquest and the fitness routine. These projects also helped me grow a great deal. One way these projects helped me grow is in doing the webquest assignment I became much more aware of the harms of tobacco and alcohol. This project really tied in with the Area of Interaction of Health and Social Education. This ties in because we made the webquest for society to become informed of how harmful tobacco and alcohol are. This project also tied in with learner profile knowledgeable because as a group we were willing to take the time to learn about tobacco and alcohol, and record our learning’s in order to put in the webquest which would then teach it to our peers. I also learned the benefits of having self-control, which is not only related to tobacco, and alcohol but also in anyone’s day to day life. Another project we had this year was the fitness routine assessment. In doing this project I learned many things. One thing I learned from the fitness routine was that no matter what the circumstances there is never a reason for someone to not be able to exercise. Even if the special equipment is unavailable, all that is needed some open space. Another thing I learned from the fitness routine was that it is very important to be able to have good teamwork skills. It is always important to be coordinated every step of the way with your partners for everything. There are many other things that I learned this year in PE that were not in the curriculum, many of the things I learned were from things that were happening around me. One thing that I learned in the beginning of the year from Coach was that you should never judge someone based on their first impression, and always try to be friendly with everyone even if they are not...
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