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  • Published : December 4, 2012
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I would go and look over all the charts that have to deal with each program. See which program is improving the inmates’ knowledge, and which ones are failing. The programs that help I would find a better way to reestablish the programs curriculum. Also get rid of the programs that are not mean the governor requirements, and that cannot be repaired. Then I would have to come up with more programs that will be more effective. Call a meeting with all high operatives so we can tighten up our prison system. With all this in mind we must also make sure to follow every aspect of protocol guidelines. There is room for negotiation if we talk to the governor, and explain how we can improve the programs. As long as we put together a guideline or diagram to show the governor the improvements were going to make. As for the governor he should understand the struggle for inmates and how these programs do help. Maybe get the governor to come down to the prison so he can have more insight. Now as for the programs I would offer tough guidelines and rules for inmates that want to be a part of the program. By that I mean he/she must follow all rules given by the warden, for at least one year. They must stay out of solitary confinement for at least six months, and their behavior towards staff must be good. They cannot have any pending charges on their rap sheet. I would place our senior officers’ in charge of the programs, because they will have better knowledge. Also he/she will have insight on how the prison is run and how the inmates act with one another in the programs. For the programs that I know are excelling and helping the inmates improved yes I would attempt to seek help. I would contact everyone who is donating to the programs, and the foundation. Then I would speak to the head bosses in charge, and figure out how we can keep the programs. For the internal support I will have the employees’ and staffs give their input. Then evaluate all aspects of the policies and...
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