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  • Published : April 16, 2013
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TOPIC: Sociology


1. Read over the Introduction and background information
2. View the links to the participation articles.
3. Review the topic questions available to you.
4. Choose One Of The Topics which is of interest to you.
5. Move to the Topic Expansion section further down.
6. Review the Clickview video on your selected issue related to sociology and sport and answer the stimulus question 7. Use the information from the video and stimulus questions to complete the major assessment task relating to your chosen topic. 8. Format. Your answer must have an introduction (approx. 75 words) and a conclusion (no more then 100 words) bringing the article together and stating your thoughts in response to your chosen topic question. All comments must be justified and supported. Required total length 400 words. 9. Submit this assignment to the teacher’s dropbox on D2L and to Turnitin by the due date with this criteria sheet, completed, and attached to the front of the response. Introduction

Have Australian's increased or decreased there role in Sporting Activities over the past decade? Over the years many changes have occurred in our society which have influenced and determined the role which Australians have had in sport. The spectrum here is wide and complex. The issue is not simply whether or not we participate in sports, issues also exist involving the avenues for Women to be involved in sporting activities, the issue of Drugs and Sport, the role of Parents in developing sportsmanship in their child, as well as many others.

This Web quest cannot hope to cover all of the issues which are associated with these and other topics. However, it should make you much more aware and cognizant of the many issues which exist in the sporting arena, even before the games begin                                                                           

Background Information Use the links below to answer the six general questions: Who plays sport in Sport in Australia?
What are the main Sports Australian participate in?
Where do most people play sports?
When do Australians appear to play most of their sports?
Why do Australians play sport?
How much does it cost Australians annually to play sport?

Each student must answer these questions before moving on to their individual responses to the main question. Australians participating in sport
Australians Less Active - 1999/2000 Are you one of these?
Active Sports Policy - summary
Active Australia Aims

Assessment Task:
(Choose one of the following Topics.)
Topic 1- Discuss and respond to the statement “Media has a powerful influence on society in regards to Sport Participation.” Given the information which you have gained from the activities listed below, what conclusions can you draw about how the media influences sport participation in Australia.

Topic 2- Australia’s performance at the 1976 Montreal Olympics was so disastrous, the government decided to take a more active role in the running of sport within Australia.

Discuss the effects both positive and negative that Governments have on Sports participation in Australia. Your answer should include references to both professional and amateur athletic pursuits.

Topic 3- “Cultural perception of female physical activity has impacted greatly upon female participation in Australian sport.” Discuss the relevance of this statement using the links below to support your argument.

Topic 4- As a secondary school student you are researching the role of minorities in sport, especially aboriginals in Australia. Use the links below to learn more about your role.

Topic 5-“Should performance enhancing drugs be legalised in sport.”  Discuss this statement outlining your point of view. Make...
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