Pe 11/12 Lesson Plan Basketball

Topics: Ball, PASS, Basketball Pages: 2 (351 words) Published: May 22, 2013
ACTIVITY: Basketball
TIME: 76 minutes
OBJECTIVE: Students will be able to demonstrate proper shooting, passing and dribbling skills during the games at the end of the lesson EQUIPMENT: Basketballs, pinnies and cones
PRE-PREPARATION: Check if there are enough basketballs for anybody Find out where pinnies and cones are SAFETY RULES: wear proper clothes and Footwear; all jewelry (rings, watches, necklaces, bracelets …) is off before Stretching/Warm-up; students need to be aware of balls rolling; when receiving passes, students must be aware of balls coming to them and to pay attention at all times; when passing, be sure the other student is alert and anticipating the pass to come to them; students need to keep their heads up while dribbling to avoid collisions with other students or objects

Let the students change (7 minutes) Explain to the students what the plan for the lesson is and introduce the activities (5 minutes) Ask the students to take all their jewelry off and the girls to tie their hair up (1 minute) ACTIVITY 1 Warm-up: Figure 8’s (3 minutes) 1. On the sidelines, the students run straight, on the base lines, the students run in the defense posture (knees bent and arms shoulder high). 2. Repeat 1. ACTIVITY 2 Warm-up: Dribbling game (10 minutes)

1. Cone off a large square area in the center of gym. 2. Explain that everyone must dribble their ball and remain inside the coned area. 3. Task is to knock away other students’ basketballs while keeping their own ball dribbling. If a student’s ball is knocked out of the square,...
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