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  • Published : March 17, 2013
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Personal Development and Public Relations is one of my most unforgettable subjects in my first year of college. I thought at first that this was just an ordinary and predictable subject because of its topics like values and manners. But what I had encountered was actually the total opposite! I have discovered my attitude that I have never known before, I have learned a lot on how to manage myself in different environments or situations, I have also boost my self confidence that I never thought I have in the first place. Thanks to our teacher! In terms of the best parts in PDPR, March 8, 2013 was a very memorable day for me, for this was when the PDPR Culmination happened! This is where all the lessons I have learned from PDPR are applied and it feels so great because I haven’t experienced such things ever since I was born. And also the most thrilling and nervous part of the program is the Variety Show! What a nerve-wrecking experience that was! I have never ever imagined that I could portray a role that was so unexpected of me. I also have a stage freight, but because of the determination to get good grades and not to be embarrassed, I just did what I thought was best, and with the burning passion and coordination of my beloved classmates, it went out so unpredictably great! We never thought that we could bring home the bacon! Well, after all that starving moments, painful muscles, heavy eyes, and storming minds, we could say that we really deserve it. Our effort was so not in vain. It’s all worth it. And now, I swear that I’m going to miss this subject. This really gave a great impact into my life and I would say that I’ve never regretted every single bit of it. It made a great change to my personality and made me a better person. So, if someone would ask me why he or she should take this one up, then I would immediately say, “You should not doubt to take this subject for this would really change your life and would totally bring you up to a...
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