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  • Published : March 21, 2012
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Current statistics on road accidents including morbidity and mortality rates for 17-25 year olds In 2011 statistics showed that there were 1,292 deaths, 279 of which involved people aged 17 to 25. This is a decrease as last year it was reported that 336 people between 17 and 25 were killed on Australian roads. The biggest killer of young drivers is speeding and around 80 per cent of those killed are male.

Deaths by age-group (years)
12 months | 0-17| 17-25| 26-39| Total|
2009| 105| 360| 356| 1,488|
2010| 74| 336| 305| 1,352|
2011 | 98| 279| 277| 1,292|

Discuss the reason why young people are overrepresented in road accidents A 17 year old driver with a P1 license is four times more likely to be involved in a fatal crash than a driver over 26 years. Young drivers are over represented in all fatal crashes, including drink driving and fatigue. Despite making up only 15 per cent of drivers, young drivers represent around 36 per cent of annual road fatalities. Generally young drivers tend to be willing to take more risks on the road such as driving at night carrying passengers, breaking the speed limit and wreck less driving.

With regards to road safety explain why injury has been selected as a national health priority area The national priority areas are selected by the government to eliminate inequities in health status. The priority population groups are those which are shown by research to have had a significant high incidence. Injury has been selected as a priority health issue as it is the principal cause of death in people under 45. Injury is also a leading cause of mortality, morbidity and permanent disability in Australia. ‘Injury accounted for over 1 in 20 of all hospitalisations in Australia in 2007-08, with almost 426,000 injury hospitalisations.’ (Australia's health 2010 pages: 196-198, June 2010) In regards to road safety, injury has been selected due to the rate that people on Australian...
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