Pdhpe Essay- Sports Medicine

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  • Published : November 23, 2012
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Physical preparation is very important to enhance the well-being of an athlete and to ensure that it keeps the players fit and injury free during a long season of sport. Physical preparation involves ensuring the body is prepared for an activity that it is to be involved in. Proper physical preparation is a major aspect in the prevention of sports injuries. There are many ways that a coach of a sports team can utilise physical preparation to enhance the wellbeing of the players. The preparation techniques include; conducting pre-screening, promoting particular skills and techniques that are required, developing physical fitness and following sufficient warm-up, stretching and cool-down procedures. Pre-screening is the first step to physical preparation for a sport or some sort of physical activity. It is an important preventative measure that is to be done before beginning an exercise. Pre-screening is done so that the coach/head person can determine the athlete’s current fitness level, goals and also to become familiar with the athlete’s medical history. This source of physical preparation is usually completed prior to joining a team sport e.g. Basketball, soccer, cricket, boxing and so on. It is also completed when joining a fitness club/organisation such as; a gym, aerobics, water aerobics, zumba and so on. Pre-screening allows exercise programs to be modified to the needs of the individual and with pre-screening being done, the coach will be able to know whats going on with each player because he will know the individuals medical history, health status, previous experience in physical activity and what their aiming to achieve. It will help the coach to know where the players’ weakness and strengths are, and what areas they’re struggling with. The next physical preparation method is skill and technique. Many sports injuries occur due to poor skill or technique. To ensure that athletes remain fit and active with no injury, the coach of the sports club needs...
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