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  • Published : July 14, 2012
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When identifying Australia’s national health priority areas, we need to consider the burden a disease or area has on the population and the potential for it to be decreased. By considering social justice principles, cost to community and individual, priority population groups, the potential for change and prevalence of condition. CVD is an umbrella term used to define a number of illnesses relating to the heart. When accessing for example, CVD as a priority it is important to asses it in terms of social justice. This means that all people should have equal opportunities to be healthy. Four principles of social justice should be addressed, participation, access, rights and equity. The burden of CVD can clearly be reduced by addressing these four principles. Participation can be targeted by getting public schools to have a frequent physical activity program such as sport days and to encourage people to be active. Access could be improved by improving blood pressure monitoring services in isolated communities. Improved equity provided by strategies like the pharmaceutical benefits scheme, may reduce morbidity by providing cheaper medicine to people of low socio economic status as they may be disadvantaged financially compared to high economic status classes. An example of achieving fair rights for people to achieve optimal health is by providing health services all around Australia including rural areas as they do not have enough cities compared with urban areas. CVD has been selected as a priority health issue as these social justice principles allow us to recognize that all people and groups should have equal opportunities to participate in decision making about CVD. Priority population groups links to the principles of social justice. There are groups in our society example, aboriginal and Torres Strait islander and people with low socioeconomic background statuses who suffer from inequities in relation to CVD. It must be taken into account that these...
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