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Topics: Net present value, Internal rate of return, Cash flow Pages: 12 (3203 words) Published: March 15, 2013
Poultry Farm - Business Plan & Feasibility Study

Business Plan Prepared December 2012
Submitted by
Mithun Maitra
Roll no-144, 16th batch

Poultry Farm - Business Plan & Feasibility Study


1. Introduction 3 2. Executive Summary 3 3. Business Description 5 4. Market Research 6 5. Competitor Analysis 7 6. Sales and Marketing Plan 7 7. Operational Plan 8 8. Financial Plan and Projections 9 9. Entrepreneur’s Bio-data 20

A business plan clearly sets out the objectives of business (the self-sufficient school). It states exactly how the business intends to operate and how it will become profitable. A good business plan will keep anyone focused on his objectives. It will help him plan for the future, because he will have already planned his activities. It will lay down a budget and predict future cash-flow so that he will stay on-track in his drive towards the goal of a self-sufficient school. It will also help someone identify areas that he might have overlooked or areas that require more thought and planning.

Executive Summary
The Bangladeshi economy is highly dependent on the import of goods and services to meet the domestic demands in the country. A large component of the imports consists of a variety of food products, ranging from agricultural products, canned goods and poultry. As a result, the government has been on a constant lookout for ways to negate this dependency and become self-sufficient. Poultry farming was introduced to serve this purpose. The proposed business model in this document has many similarities to various poultry firm. The plan emphasizes on the importance of the eggs produced at the poultry farm be of premium quality and that it should clearly differentiate itself with its larger size and weight. The major market that has been identified for the purpose of this study is the domestic market. The reason being that a product of this nature should ideally command a premium price to generate a reasonable return on the investment. The importance of a sound management and adhering to fundamental business principles is also highlighted. The plan identifies the high investment cost and the high cost of chicken feed as the biggest impediment for the success of the proposed poultry farm.

Financial Summary
Financial Highlights
The proposed investment in this plan is financially feasible. The Net Present Value is negative at BDT 228,280.92 over a period of 3 years and has a payback period 4+ years. The IRR of the project is -3%. Following are some financial highlights for the projected 3 year term.

Business Objective
Some important objectives of the proposed business should be to: 1. Introduce the product to a niche market where the eggs will fetch the highest average price. 2. Develop a sustainable business, able to survive off its own cash flow 3. Increase income and job opportunities for the people and bring diversification to land-based economic activities. 4. Give confidence to the general people to invest and engage in similar commercial ventures. 5. Seek and secure the required funds to finance the proposed plans. 7. Become a reliable and stable and supplier of eggs.

8. Ensure that the potential customers are informed of the product's unique attributes. 9. Develop the range of markets, and opportunities for consumption of the locally produced eggs and encourage participation, understanding and...
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