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Writing Exercise – Practice Reflection
This is our second PD1 lecture class, we just followed lecture’s steps and three activities were all done in a team form. The first discussion talks about some skills and attributes are the factors to make a success. We then were asked to describe and express our own ideas and opinions what happened in a video that shows some young people’s dissatisfactions and requirements with their current work. Lastly, I completed a mind map with my three team members. Interpret

We go through these procedures can learn a lot of things about the workplace. One of the things we have to know that some skills and attributes are the keys to success and a person who is able to work in a team are highly required by each company. As problems become more complex and interdisciplinary in nature, their solutions tend to require the assembly of group of people with different areas of expertise (Fogler and LeBlanc, 2007). Otherwise, some abilities such as interpersonal skill and computer technical skill will make us be able to communicate with people and work more effectively. Evaluated

It is a very great experience to learn and discuss with lecture and classmates through this three hours. Especially I was very enjoyable with the mind mapping process, because each of us actively involved in painting, giving opinion. But throughout the process, there are few problems. First, some group have too much of members and the time given to process an activity is too short to make each of them voice out their ideas. On the other hand, some people are very shy to stand up representing their team to express their group points. For me the worst problem is with very poor English speaking. Plan

In future I will try my best to improve my capacity through the class, not only learn from lecture but also my classmates and friends, and make use of what I have learnt from the classes to develop my skills to help me success.

Fogler, 2008, Strategies...
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