Pcra Role in Oil Conservation

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The Petroleum Conservation Research Association (PCRA) was set up in 1976 as part of the Government’s response to the oil crisis of early seventies. It undertakes studies for identifying the potential and to make recommendations for achieving conservation of petroleum products in various sectors of the economy. The PCRA was also entrusted with the task of sponsoring R&D activities for the development of fuel-efficient devices and running a multimedia campaign for creating mass awareness for the conservation of petroleum products. The oil marketing companies have also been making efforts to promote oil conservation to give a greater thrust to oil conservation efforts and provide support and effectiveness of the PCRA . A conservation cell was established In the Ministry in 1989. The major activities of PCRA are the creation of mass awareness on the need for the conservation of petroleum products, promotion of measures to curb wasteful practices and improve the oil use efficiency of equipment, devices and vehicles as well as research and development for improving oil use efficiency in various other sectors.

Essay: Role of youth in promoting oil conservation
Youths are the people who are most flexible and able to learn. Young people can learn habits that are less dependent on fuel than the habits we older people have. Young people, then, can grow up with better habits and make conservation of oil something that is just normal for everyone. This is why youth has a major role in promoting oil conservation. The first rule of fuel conservation would be to travel judiciously and curtail wasteful driving. Wherever possible/ available and convenient, use public transport instead of using personal transport. Matching the size of the vehicle to your need would also go a long way in conserving fuel. For instance if you have the option of a personal car and a scooter, then use the scooter when only two persons have to travel, and the car if more...
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