Pc Specification Table

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Rita’s successful business requires an update in order to continue providing the services that her employees and clients have become accustomed to. Rita has expressed concerns about the recent decrease in download speeds, storage capacity, and general efficiency of the computers that she uses to produce the CDs and DVDs that she distributes to the health clubs and instructors that she serves. This client has requested recommendations for a system that will allow her to: 1. search for and download various media files online to edit, store, and share, 2. create documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and calendars, 3. print documents and high quality CD labels, 4. utilize online services like banking, email, and calendars, and 5. transfer information between PCs. Rita is not interested in “overbuying”, and would like to limit unnecessary purchases.

I suggest that Rita invest in a mid-range system that utilizes high-quality components and allows for future expansion. The HP Pavilion Elite HPE-410y Desktop PC would be an ideal purchase; this unit provides for all of Rita’s needs while staying within a reasonable budget (currently $739.99 on www.bestbuy.com). Many of the applications and utilities that Rita would want to use may be included on this unit, as well. I suggest an Asus VH222HD monitor for high quality video playback and a MyBook Essential 3TB external hard drive for additional storage capabilities with plug & play connectivity. Rita must determine what ISP options are available in her area; once those options are known, an appropriate high-speed modem and wireless router can be chosen for her personal network. Along with a mid-range inkjet photo printer and a 5.1 speaker set of her choice, I believe that these add-ons will provide for all of Rita’s needs without requiring additional purchases or upgrades in the near future.

Hardware Table|
Input Devices|
Device Type| Minimum| Recommended| Need Met|
Keyboard| Standard USB or PS/2 keyboard(101 key traditional / 104 key Windows type)1| Standard USB keyboard(104 key Windows type)1| General data input & navigation needs| Mouse| Optical USB or PS/21| Optical USB or wireless1| General data input & navigation needs| Memory Card reader| SD, micro, Compact Flash| 15-in-1 system for all available sizes of memory cards| Permits the client to access and store data on portable memory devices| Input / Output Devices|

CD / DVD Optical Drive| Optical DVD Multidrive| Double-layer DVD±RW/CD-RW| Read & burn CDs and DVDs| Modem| Broadband Cable or DSL modem2| Broadband Cable or DSL modem2| High speed internet connectivity | Router| 802.11g wireless router| 802.11n wireless router with WPA2 encryption capabilities| High speed connectivity for streaming media on a secure network| Cables| Coaxial, Ethernet, USB| Coaxial, Ethernet, USB| Connect computers, routers, and peripherals to each other and/or the secure network | Output Devices|

Printer| Inkjet photo printer| Inkjet photo printer| All-purpose printing, to include high quality CD labels| Speakers| External 2.0 speakers| External 5.1 speakers| High quality audio/video sound | Monitor| 19” Flat Panel LCD - signal output: VGA- resolution: 1680x1050| 21.5” Flat Panel LCD- signal output: DVI & HDMI - resolution: 1920x1080| High quality video playback| Communication Devices|

Device Type| Minimum| Recommended| Need Met|
Network Interface Card| Local Area Network (LAN) card| Wireless LAN card| Connecting to the network and sharing files between network computers| Modem| Please see the Input / Output section of this table for modem and router specifications| Router| |

Cables| USB or Ethernet| USB, Ethernet, or Direct Connect | Transfer information directly from one PC to another without connecting to a network| Storage Devices|
Compact Discs & DVDs| CD+/- R, DVD +/- R discs| CD+/- R, DVD +/- R discs|...
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