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LaDwidia Castro
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All nine essay questions to Week 2 review test have been answered in complete sentences. The following format is APA.

Input and output is pretty self explanatory, anything that you type in the computer is considered input for example, at work I have multiple ways to get into computers can use my CAC card to log-in or use my username and password. Either way I have to type something in whether it is my CAC card pin number or a username and password. Both methods of logging in are considered input because I am typing something into the computer. Letters, numbers, special characters etc.; Output on the other hand is what is the computer outwardly processes. PowerPoint presentations, printing documents, training videos with audio and anything else that can be displayed or produced from the computer. Example of an Input device is a keyboard; example of a hardware device is a printer.

A dumb terminal is just a monitor used solely as an output device, the one that I see most often now that I am pregnant is in the hospital pharmacy. When I have to pick up a prescription, I check-in by giving the clerk my ID card, at that point my name is displayed on multiple monitors in the pharmacy, and once my prescription is ready my name will be removed from the list. After that I get in line show my ID card again and get my prescription,

Digitizers are pretty cool; they convert hand drawn images into digital data, which is displayed on the monitor screen. The images are drawn with a stylus like tool that acts somewhat like a mouse.

The sharpness of an image is referred to as resolution. I have to admit that the first thing I adjust on my TV or computer monitor if an image it not clear is the resolution and then once I get that the way I want it I start messing with all the contrast and all the other options available on the menu. The Internet is a server and the...
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