PC Remote Access and Administration Using a J2ME-GPRS/3G Enabled Cellular Phone

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  • Published : January 17, 2013
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ISAS Project
White paper
PC Remote Access and Administration using a J2ME – GPRS/3G enabled Cellular Phone Batch Code:BT -120344
Start Date:24/09/12
Student Number:S103012900085
Name of Coordinator:Mr. Simon
Date of Submission:16/10/12
Faculty: Software Engineering

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PC Remote Access and Administration using a J2ME – GPRS/3G enabled Cellular Phone Embodies the original work done by
In partial fulfillment of their course requirement at Botho College.

Registration number: S103012900205

First and foremost, I wish to take this opportune time to thank and appreciate the kind of support and help I received from my learned and experienced tutor – Mr. Simon. Above all and most importantly I thank the almighty God for having given me the energy and strength to complete this piece of project.

Table of contents
Chapter 1.0 Introduction1
Chapter 2.0Problem Statement2
Chapter 3.0Objectives 3
Chapter 4.0Background Study on Related work 4 Chapter 5.0 The proposed Solution6
5.1 Java programming Language
5.1.1. J2ME
5.2 Overview of the Proposed Solution7
5.2.1 Architecture of the Proposed Solution8 5.2.2 Working of the proposed model
5.3 Advantages and Disadvantages of the model9 Chapter 6.0Implementation11
6.1 Software, hardware and infrastructural requirements. 6.2 Target Audience and Areas of Application Chapter 7 Conclusion13
Chapter 8 References14

Chapter 1: Introduction
The advent of the mobile and wireless technologies has made communication easier and faster thereby making the world to be small in a way. These technologies have some inherent capabilities that allow software designers to develop devices that are able to share information anytime, anywhere. Traditionally, only homogenous devices could communicate, however latest trends in technology provides opportunities and mechanisms that allow cross – platform devices to share information among themselves. The emergence and power of cell phones has mobilized the business community and as a result witnessed some remarkable profits. It is within that bearing and scope that the author intends to explore ways in which these cell phone embedded technologies and supremacy can be merged with that found in computing devices. Having that in mind, in this piece of paper the author present a scholastic discussion on how the Java technology, Java 2 Micro Edition (J2ME), can be used to facilitate communication between a J2ME – enabled cellular phone and a remotely located Personal Computer (PC). By communication we mean the ability to access and control the applications running on a remote PC using a cell phone. For easier readability, the content for this white paper has divided into 8 main chapters. The first chapter provides an overview of the entire structure of the project. The third chapter entails a description of the existing problem in relation to challenges brought up by lack of communication between a cell phone and a PC. In the third chapter, the author outlines what he intends to achieve in carrying out the project. A background study on the related area of study is provided in chapter 4. Chapter 5 presents a discussion on the overview, architecture, working, advantages and disadvantages of the proposed solution. In chapter 6, the author described how such proposed solution can be implemented as well as the targeted audience and application areas. In chapter 7 the author summarizes the main points in the paper. A list of visited resources is provided in the last chapter.


Chapter 2: Problem Statement
In a...
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