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Topics: Pregnancy, Infant, Childbirth Pages: 7 (2176 words) Published: March 20, 2013
Section I: Purpose Statement and Title

Purpose Statement: Colic is not a disease but 10-20% of babies will get it. A prenatal vitamin will be created to prevent colic in babies. This vitamin will be prescribed specifically for pregnant women. Title:Women’s Prenatal Vitamin To Prevent Colic In Babies

Section II:Project Overview
We will be creating a prenatal vitamin for pregnant woman only. Colic is the unexplained crying of a baby. The crying starts around 2 weeks of age and lasts until the baby is about 5 months old. The crying episodes occur frequently and mostly in the late afternoon and evening into the night. The crying can be anywhere from a couple min to several hours. This is very hard on the parents as they lose sleep and can get physically drained. No one knows what causes colic. Some babies who have colic can just be fussy. Some babies cry extremely hard. Their faces will turn a bright red and then turn a pale color. Some hypothesized reasons for the cause of colic is that the baby may swallow large amounts of air. This air can then be trapped in the digestive tract which causes bloating and painful abdominal pain. Other thoughts are that the baby has a bad digestive tract, has an intolerance of foods, overfeed or hunger, loneliness, or lack of sleep. The vitamin is to be taken before each pregnancy. For planned pregnancy you can begin to take the vitamin when you begin trying to become pregnant. For unplanned pregnancy you may begin to take the vitamin when you find out you are pregnant. You will stop taking the vitamin when the child is born. If you become pregnant again you may begin taking the vitamin again.

Section III: Problem Statement (background and significance)
Colic affects as many as 25 percent of babies.During a colic episode an infant usually cries persistently. Their belly will also look swollen, feel hard, and make rumbling noises.The crying may taper off, but then will get increasingly louder. The infant then may grow rigid, clench their fists, curl their toes, and draw their legs toward their body. The crying may last for hours at a time, and then will subside. Crying episodes usually happen at the same time most, if not everyday. Colic directly affects an infant, but it also puts emotional strain on parents. Parents may feel they are giving inadequate care to their infant, which may trigger depression, anxiety,stress, and resentment of the child. Persistent crying is also associated with marital arguments, shaken baby syndrome, suffocation of the baby, and over excessive tests and medications given to the infant for acid reflux. Not only does colic affect a parent emotionally, it also physically affects them. Parents may suffer from sleep deprivation because of a lack of adequate sleep. Lack of sleep may affect the parents ability to concentrate or complete work at their job. Researchers at the University of Texas Health Science Center in Houston have conducted research on colic. One of their studies has found that a bacteria called Klebsiella, a bacteria normally found in the mouth, skin, and intestines could be the cause of colic. Babies that had colic were found to have the bacteria and gut inflammation in their intestines. The University is looking for a treatment of colic that may help prevent death. A larger study of klebsiella is need though. Along with studying the bacteria, they want to conduct a study finding a probiotic that could help fight colic. In another study conducted by the Peninsula Medical School in the United Kingdom, researchers tested out different treatments of colic. These tests included complementary and alternative medicines that have been used such as herbs, probiotics, massage and reflexology, and probiotics. Their research found that none of the treatments worked consistently. There were some positive results found using fennel extract mixed herbal teas and sugar water, but these will need further study.

Section IV: Project Methodology
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