Pbl Excise 1

Topics: Singapore Press Holdings, Migrant worker, Construction Pages: 4 (1217 words) Published: May 16, 2013
GSBS 6040 Human Resource Management

PBL Exercise 1: The Rules of Employment

You are currently working in the HR Department of a major Japanese construction company. Their major business revolves around the mechanical and ventilation installation of air-conditioning system for major clients like Land Transport Authority, Media Corps and other major property developers in Singapore.

While the company employs professional engineers at the upper level of management, it has also hired many types of workers at the lower rung. The majority of these workers are based at construction sites under the supervision of a foreman. There is currently a great deal of concern within the company about how such unskilled and semi-skilled construction workers are being employed and managed. Almost all of these workers are foreign (temporary migrant) workers from Thailand, India, Bangladesh and China.


Your CEO is not sure if the HR Department in your organisation is doing a good job. He is worried about all of the bad publicity that has been going on in recent months. You have been asked to provide advice to him.

Specifically your boss wants advice on TWO or THREE initiatives/changes he should introduce to ensure the firm is able to hire good productive foreign workers and retain them for the long-term competitive benefit of the organisation. Make sure you also suggest ways to ensure the proposed initiatives are successfully implemented.

Write a proposal for your boss as specified.

Heng, Janice (2012) Singapore will do more for foreign workers: Minister, The Straits Times, Singapore, Wednesday, December 19, 2012. ACTING Manpower Minister Tan Chuan-Jin emphasised yesterday that the Government is neither pro-employer nor pro-worker but strives to balance the employer-worker relationship while protecting vulnerable workers. However, in a blog post marking International Migrants' Day, he acknowledged that Singapore...
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