Payroll System Srs

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Computerized Generic Payroll System

Software Requirements Specification

Version 1.2

SOFTWARE Requirements Specification Template


|Version Number |Date |Description | |1.0 | |System is developed to assist the tracking and managing of the products, specifically| | | |medicines of Savecare Pharmacy. The application needs to be both informative and | | | |engaging. | |1.1 | |Some forms have been removed and replaced by the most easiest controls so that the | | | |user won’t hesitate to work with the said system. | |1.2 |October 2012 |System finalization. |


HST SE Software Requirements Specification Templatei
1.1.2System Overview4
1.1.3Document Overview5
1.2Reference Documents6
2.Project Description6
2.1Project Perspective6
2.2Project Functions6
2.3User Characteristics6
2.5Qualification Provisions7
2.6Assumptions and Dependencies7
Appendix – Acronym List10

The Software Requirement Specification (SRS) captures the complete software requirements for the system, or a proportion of the system. The SRS should fully describe the external behavior of the application or subsystem identified. It also describe nonfunctional requirements, design constraints and other factors necessary to provide a complete and comprehensive description of the requirements for the software.

The SRS is to be used primarily for new development releases, where the requirement analysis approach should be detailed and thoroughly documented to present to the client for approval at the end of the requirements phase.


This SRS captures the complete software requirements for the Computerized Generic Payroll System. It provides a complete description of all the functions and specifications of this system.

Payroll is the total amount of money paid by a business to its employees over a set amount of time. It plays a vital role in a company because it is the summary of all financial records of salaries, wages, bonuses and deductions. The common problem in a payroll is the accuracy and speed. The processing of payroll becomes slow and prone to mathematical error that causes time consuming tasks like double checking the accuracy of all the reports and updating taxes as well as deductions.

The system that we are implementing will definitely solve the problems encountered in the manual payroll system. Using a Computerized Generic Payroll System allows the process to reduce problems and increase the speed of computation that is fitted to any company. It is capable of making an efficient, fast, effective payroll and reports.

The Computerized Generic Payroll System is a system that uses VB.NET and My SQL for its database.

1 Scope

This software system is a Computerized Generic Payroll System (CGPS) system that deals with the software and hardware associated with checkout stands, and all of the bundled features which are included.

The researchers recommend the beneficiary company to adopt the system which has the...
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