Payroll System Related Studies

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Chapter 1
Problem and its Background


Changes in technology bring significance and advancement in our lives. From an industrial society, the researcher is in transition to an information society. The process of deriving in this transition and advancement of man are the computer and the people who strive to work for these changes. This advancement of computer had been a great factor in our daily living. Nowadays, computer plays a big role in many people live in the world we live in today. Making life easier and more convenient to the people’s to be a better one. The researchers always find ways to improve our daily activities and inventions that were already used. Computer has change the ways of the people to work, do business, solving problems, do research, making the way of communication easier, and the variety of choice that the people have to find in an entertainment. It’s hard to imagine how the world would be if computer’s didn’t exist. Computer has a tremendous impact on society and will continue to find ways to improve and better peoples live.

Through this change the researcher will design a proposed system for Robles Bakery that would therefore answer the needs or the establishment in their method of giving in their employee’s salary. The purpose of this is to make their way of computing the payroll easier.

Background of the Study

Robles Bakery was established on June 21, 1985, by Mr. Mario Larcia at 50 M. Paulino Street San Pablo City Laguna. Robles Bakery was came from the owner’s surname, Mr. Ruperto Robles.
It aims to produce and sell good quality breads and cakes for the people of San Pablo. And it also wanted to be bigger and to stay in the business for al long time. Before the store operates the manager hired first three helpers and two sales ladies that will help them in their business.

Organizational Structure




Conceptual Framework

Input Process Output (IPO)


Computerized Paycheck

Employees Information
Employee Number
Contact Number
Work Information
Rate per Day
Date Hired

Objectives of the Study

General Objective
This study is conducted to lessen the time consumption of employees working hours.

Specific Objectives
* To lessen the time and effort in manipulating all records of Robles Bakery * To make the information more easier, reliable and accurate * To have faster access to the process of data
* To know if there is a significant difference between the manual system and the proposed system


The system computation will be based on its user. It will be much easier to the user to access the system and to compute the employee’s salary. The user’s computation will be the Rate per Day, No. of Days and board and lodging.

Significance of the Study

This study will be a significant endeavor in promoting good work environment in the work of place and motivations of its employees. This study will also be beneficial to the workers and manager in strategic management, corporate strategies when they implement an effective computerized payroll system setting particularly in different concepts related to the use of effective human resources management understanding the needs of the customer and benefits of quality customer services, the employees and its manager will be assured of a competitive advantage. Moreover, this research will provide recommendations on how to evaluate the performance of the manual system and the proposed system in accordance to management.

Another importance of this study in the society is that, it can create harmonious relationship between the employees and management of Robles Bakery. The very reason is the fast accessibility of data information between the employees and the Robles...
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