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  • Published : January 7, 2012
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Title: A LAN- Based Attendance Monitoring System Using Biometric Device For Don Jesus Gonzales High School

Brief Description of the Proposed Thesis
Don Jesus Gonzales High School is located at Pandacaqui Resettlement Mexico Pampanga .At present, the school doesn’t have an automated system which can verify if the person entering the school is a bonified student .The school security guard just check the id of the students one by one before entering the school. Sometimes, some people were able to pass even without id when there are many students going in. The proposed system will allow the guard to be able to know by the biometric device if the person entering the school is a registered student or not. Another, the faculty members also takes time in writing the time when they arrived and/or go out to school. The system will record the “time in” and “time out” of the faculty members .Upon scanning all their finger to the biometric device. It will also assure the safety of the students, staff and school.

The system will use biometric device to verify all the finger if its registered on the database to ensure that the person entering the school is a bonified student. Also when the student entering the school has a violation, a notice will appear on the monitor screen. To keep record of the “time in” and “time out” of the faculty members, same procedure also by the use of biometric device, the information will be saved on the database The system itself is secured. Before a person access the system, he/she would be asked to input a username and password then it will be processed if it is granted or decried. The authorized persons are the principal, guidance councilor, the head of the computer subjects and one school coordinator.

Statement of objectives
These are the objectives of the proposed study
General Objective
The main objective of the study is to create a LAN based student monitoring and faculty attendance. Monitoring System using biometric...
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