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Payroll System

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System Title: “Company Financial Monitoring with Payroll System For MIND Protection and Security Agency”


Leo Ross N. Tolentino_______________________

Mae Angelica O. Garcia_______________________

System Description:

The proposed system is a Company Financial Monitoring with Payroll that computes the said company’s income and expenses per period of time (e.g. monthly and yearly) and displays it’s statistics. It also has an added feature that computes the gross pay of the security guards under the said agency and is capable of generating a payslip. The proposed system contains a database that stores all the information of the employee, record of transactions and their respective employers. This system displays an employee’s profile which shows their previous payroll records and their history of transactions.

Reason of the Study:
The company never experienced any computerized system. Due to their manual system and lack of data keeping capabilities, income and expense monitoring is difficult and complicated. Also Payroll processing is slow and inaccurate at some times. Data keeping is also an issue because information are not properly stored. And since the company MIND Protection and Security Agency is growing, they must upgrade their system into a more reliable and accurate system.

Methodologies to be used:
Methods of Gathering Data
The proponents will gather their data by using Experimental method. The researchers will conduct an interview to the employee to be able to understand the transaction flow of their previous system. The researchers will measure their responses to improve their system.

Methods of Software Development
The proponents will use the Spiral Method of software development. This method has four phases, first is determining the objectives, alternatives and constraints. In this phase, the proponents will establish an understanding of the system and then...

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