Payroll System

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Requirements Analysis
This chapter discusses the locale of the study. The respondents research instruments and techniques, statistical treatment of data and the system development life cycle.
The computerized library system study focuses on the status, borrowing, returning and updating of books that will be done inside the library facilities of the National Teachers College. The school is located in the corner of Mendiola and Legarda Sts. in Manila

Since, it is a computerized library system; the respondents of the study are the students involved in the transaction of books, faculties, visitors, graduates and for the librarians who will be doing the transaction. Research Instruments and Technique

The computerized system for the National Teachers College will be develop and evaluated by using the different data gathered by the proponents listed as follows: Unstructured Interview
The research team comes up with this method to gather information regarding the problems that most people encountered due to the use of manual transactions and reasons why there is a need to improve the said system so that the proponents can conduct an interview to the librarians of the National Teachers College. Library Research Technique

With this kind of technique or method, it is very useful and reliable because through books as a reference, other writings and former published or unpublished books have served as a materials and tools for clarification to consider the manner of collecting relevant data. Documentary Analysis Technique

The researcher use this technique to perform or analyze the documents obtained wherein the discussion of the analysis will be completely checked. Observation Method
In this kind of method, it will enable the proponents to understand much clearly the opinions or suggestions of the users based on their current experience. Also, this method will give an idea for the proponents to know what to put...
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