Payroll System

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We know that computer is one of the most useful machines invented by humans.

Other people rely on computers but that is not the concept of computers we should decide what

Computers can do. Computers were made because of computing purposes. Other people are irritated

when they compute numbers and other related mathematical operations. Payroll system is made to

compute salary faster and accurate, less effort and manpower because it is now computer based.

This thesis addresses development of the payroll system for Shell Select Convenience Store at Borol2nd,

Balagtas, Bulacan to have a new way of computation of salary to their Company. The main goal of

research is to design a usable payroll system using visual basic 6.0.

Statement of the Problem

In this past years the shell select convenience store have encountered many problems on

Its Payroll System. They have many complaints about the employee pay slip they do not see the

Accurate amount and what are the things that are deducted to their salary. So we decided to

Create an accurate payroll system for the shell select convenience store we create it for faster and

More accurate computation of the employee’s salary.

General problems

The main problem of the system of the shell select convenience store for its payroll

system is they do not have accurate pay slip information, because of that employees are

complaining because they do not see what are the things that are added and deducted to

their salary.

Specific problems

Other problem of this company is the inconsistency of the pay slip release. Inform the

employees on what are the dates that are holidays and give them information on what are the

dates that are holidays. Give them information on what is the difference between regular holiday

and special holidays.

Statement of the objective

Objective of Payroll System

To make computation of salary faster and easier for the finance officer. Modern and

Accurate for the employees to know what are deducted and added to their salaries so they do not

complain to the office. Less Disturbance to the finance officer, less manpower and can be carry

anywhere because of the power of computers.

General objective

* Improve payroll system, when it is regular holiday or special holiday explain to. The employees what are the days that they were double paid.

* List down all the necessary information in what are deducted to the employee’s


* Employees want the right salary on what they are working for, employees are not satisfied on their salary rate.

Specific objective

* To make employee pay slip release more faster and on time

Significance of the study

In our proposed system employees, the finance officer and the company will benefit,

because the employees have less complaints about their salary and their pay slip information.

Less disturbance to the finance officer so he/she’s work makes more faster and the company

will lessen the problems when it comes to the complaints about their salary.


* Our system makes the computation of salary more faster.

* Salary of the employee more accurate and less complaints for the employee, can lessen man power and less consumed for work space.


* Cannot be access by the use of internet

* It is not shared in the local area network because some files are confidential.

* Documents are not shared cannot be read, delete and even write.

Chapter 2.0

Company background

The shell select convenience store located at KM2 Borol 2nd, Balagtas, Bulacan.

The shell select convenience store established December year 2000. They started with a small

store beside the burger king stand in Shell Gas Station, It all started through the effort of the

crew, managers, supervisors, the builders and especially by the effort of the...
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