Payroll System

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Database System Design
Payroll system

| Title| Page|
1.0| Analysis the Payroll System’s data and application requirement| | | * Introduction| 3|
| * System Request| 3-4|
| | |
2.0| Analysis the Requirement| |
| * Functional Requirement| 5|
| * Non-Functional Requirements| 6-7|
| | |
3.0| Database Design| |
| * Data Flow Diagram| 8-9|
| * Use case Description| 10-`12|
| * ER diagram| 13|
| * Relation Data Model| 14|
| * System catalog| 15-16|
| | |
4.0| Marks| 17|

1.0 Analysis the Payroll System’s data and application requirement

The people in related with the system are staff and members.
After research, the current system not clearly states the employee salary and working hour. That will make the company paid wrong to the employee, And the employee id and detail should also be record correctly. In our system, we have improved. For the sake of all, we will display the detail to the company, and the employee also can check their information through the system According this payroll system, users can edit own profile, check their salary and working hour. Users can be split into the category of users and employee. The users . The payroll staffs will record their variety when they registered and the system can defined their identity are student or lecturer. The payroll staffs can use the system to help users register account and preview users’ profile. They can manage return and borrow books, preview users details. They can also add, update and delete books.

System Request
Some facilities of the payroll system are requires the following information: Save Time
By using our system, we can calculate the employee salary more accurate. When user want to check the employee working hour or salary, they just need to search with the system. After searching, we can immediately know the employee current working hour, basic salary. If the user want more information also can continue click into in for the employee information. When register become a user, the payroll staff can just key in the user details into the system and no need to base on paper form the user filled in.

More accurate
When the employee needs to update their status, they can send he request to the system, after the system apply the request, they can simple update their information. The system will immediately show out the data after update. This can make the employee finish their updated with a lot of accurate.

By using the system, only the proper user can log in into the account with the password. With this, it can prevent others people from illegal log in into your account and doing some illegal action without your knowing. It have also prevent others people to see your account information.

The employee may also get well control with the system. For example, only the employee themselves can modify and update their information.

Improved services
a) The computer processing will be more effective management compare with manually processing to ensure that the data is more secure in the new system. b) The computerized system also can have a better performance than manually system. It is easier to update or delete the data in database. c) The information system can reduce the cost by saving the paper for the documentation. It also can reduce the time to process other than using the traditional manually system. d) Computerized system can provide a stronger control to user, it is more protective than traditional manually system. e) New system has greater performance than manually system, other than that, administration can update the data such like insert or delete data in database. f) The users can enter the detail into computer directly, no like the handwriting which needs to enter information by manually and sign the form. g) The new system can save more space in...
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