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Social Groups and Organization
A social group is a collection of people who interact with each other and share similar characteristics and a sense of unity. • social category is a collection of people who do not interact but who share similar characteristics. • social aggregate is a collection of people who are in the same place, but who do not interact or share characteristics • Collective groups - These are temporary groups which are not generally governed by established norms of the culture and are composed of people who share some kind of belief which motivates them to prepare for action.  • Association group - This group is composed of people who join together in an organized manner to pursue a common interest Primary groups are those in which individuals intimately interact and cooperate over a long period of time. Secondary groups are those in which individuals do not interact much small group is small enough to allow all of its members to directly interact • dyad is The smallest of small groups consisting of two people. • triad is a group consisting of three persons. A triad does not tend to be as cohesive and personal as a dyad. Types of Group Leadership

1. Instrumental leadership emphasizes the completion of tasks; 2. Expressive leadership emphasizes collective well-being. 3. Decision making: There are three styles of decision making in groups: • Authoritarian leadership focuses on instrumental concerns, takes personal charge of decision-making, and demands strict compliance from subordinates. • Democratic leadership is more expressive and tries to include everyone in the decision making process. • Laissez-faire leadership allows the group to function more or less on its own. Types of Social Groups

A Social Group is formed when 2 or more people are in the same physical location and aware of one another’s presence. • Transitory Group is when several people happen to be in the same place...
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