Payment of College Players

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  • Published: February 6, 2013
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Hampton Clark Mr. Morris English 10H 12 February 2012

Payment in College Sports
College sports are filled with a vast number of controversial topics and ideas such as the BCS, March Madness Tournament, and number of scholarships. But, one of the biggest controversy surrounding college athletics today is the argument of should college athletes be paid? Many people say that college athletes are amateur athletes and that their scholarship and education are enough to pay them. Others argue that college athletes should be paid because they are the ones that are bringing in the money, do not have time to get jobs to make money, and to keep them out of trouble with the NCAA and the law. Student-athletes are just that, students first, athletes second. The average college athlete receives around 100,000 dollars in his career under his or her scholarship. This includes their education, housing, books, and meals. Paying college athletes may turn many players into premadonnas, like many players in professional sports. College athletes should be playing the game for their school and the love for the game. Some players will be more focused on their own image and how they play on the individual basis. This will take away the idea of “team”, which makes college sports so great. Another problem with paying in college is how you would divided the pay evenly between different colleges, different sports, and between male and female sports. It’s quite apparent that a football program is going to bring in millions of more dollars to a school than a men’s tennis team will. Football and basketball are just were the money is at. So how can you pay a football player more money than a soccer player who is putting in the same amount of time and work into their sport? There is just no far way to make everyone happy. Due to Title IX, if a conference or a university decides to up the value of scholarships or number of scholarships they have to do it for both men’s and women’s so that they are equal. This would also occur in the payment of players. Unless there was an amendment to title IX then you would have to pay the women athletes, which do not generate half of the money the men do, the same as the men. The payment of student athletes in college can have problems and create many issues. However, I believe that college athletes need to be paid for their play in college sport. College athletics is a multi-billion dollar industry in the United States and it is the only one of its kind that does not have to pay the employees that are making the money. They are the ones who are out on the field playing at the risk of injury that could not only damage the rest of their college career, but also for some ruin their professional career. The players are the ones who are bringing in the money that support the NCAA, the conferences, and the universities, so why shouldn’t we pay them? The NCAA and CBS agreed on an $11 billion deal for March Madness Tournament between 2011 and 2024 and the BCS and ESPN agreed on a 4 year 400 million dollar contract, and the player will not even get a small portion of that money. Being a college athlete is like having a full time job. It is estimated that student athletes spend around 45 hours a week practicing and conditioning and around 38 hours in class. The full schedules that the athletes have give them no time to get a job to earn their own money. Some athletes come from very poor backgrounds and are needed by the family for...
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