Pay to Learn

Topics: Education, Motivation, Educational psychology Pages: 2 (719 words) Published: May 8, 2013
Rosy Galstyan
Period 3

Motivation is an important factor when it comes to doing well in school. Schools are always looking for new ways to motivate students’ and pay to learn is one of them. Although students’ from grades four to seven might like the idea of getting paid to learn, California should not start a pay to learn program because students lose their enjoyment in learning, the motivation does not last when the money is gone, and there are better ways to spend money. Pay to learn programs cause students to lose their inner motives in learning. In “Shortchanged by pay to learn” Grolnick and Seal states that “Those who were playing for money were more likely to put the puzzles down” (2). By this, the author is trying to say that those who are paying attention to the education for the money are the ones sinking in less knowledge. This example clarifies that once students get paid, they will stop paying attention in school because they got what they wanted. The author also states that the problems were solved much faster by students who had not been paid. The author uses this example to show that students who had already been paid, managed to finish on time (2). This shows that when students take advantage of the money they are being given, they lose focus on the actual work. Aside from students losing their enjoyment in learning, the motivation does not last when the money is gone. When there is no money left in the process of this program, the motivation will not last. In “Paying Students to Get Good Grades” Christopher Peterson states that if there is no motivation, paying them is pointless (1). By this the author is stating that if students do not get the motivation they need for good grades, paying them will not help them. This is true because bribing people, especially minors, will only help them financially, not education wise. The author also states that “Children are given awards for what they spontaneously do; after some period of time,...
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