Pay Rise for Indian Mps

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Pay Rise for Indian Mps

By | September 2010
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Recently, there was demand for the pay raise for the MPs in the Parliament. On Aug 20, 2010, the cabinet announced the Salary, Allowance and Pension of Members of Parliament (Amendment) Bill; 2010.The summary of the bill is, * There would be a rise in the basic salary of an MP from `16, 000 to `50, 000 (triple fold) and their perks (benefit) doubled. * The daily allowance would be doubled from `1,000 for each day of parliament session or attending house committee meetings. * For office maintenance and constituency allowance, an MP would be given `40,000, which is double the amount of what he gets now. * The pension of former MPs would rise from `8,000 to ` 20,000. * MPs' conveyance allowance would go up from`1 lakh to `4 lakh. * Spouses of MPs can travel free in train from their place of residence to Delhi; also they would get 8 free plane tickets from their place of residence to Delhi.
There was still dissatisfaction among MPs as the hike was less than the `80, 001 recommended by a parliamentary committee. The thing that made them worry, even after the Union Cabinet accepted to a three-fold salary hike and doubling the perks, was that the revised pay of a secretary ranked officer would be much higher compared to the MPs after the implementation of the 6th Pay Commission’s recommendation. I wonder, why the lawmakers won’t even know that to become a secretary there are certain constraints like Qualification, Experience and there are no any such constraints to become an MP.

The one who makes such comparisons should look at the earnings of average middle class man whose yearly earnings won’t even come near to the sum of salary & benefits (put together) that an MP enjoys in a month. Nobody minds about the fact that...

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