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Topics: Pay per click, Marketing, Search engine optimization Pages: 2 (505 words) Published: September 27, 2010
Pay Per Click Marketing Efforts
Brandon Espinoza
Research 342
September 15, 2010

PPC Marketing Efforts
Online marketing consists of multiple ways to reaching the public. One of the many marketing strategies that are highly effective is pay per click ad campaigns. Pay per click means to pay for the people who are searching for the key word that you are optimizing. This allows for the subject to appear on search engines ranking each keyword and ad words to the site that is most relevant to what is being searched. The question is what is the effectiveness of ppc ad campaigns? This question has been researched and studied for quite some time now.

From increased revenue consistent lead generation and product branding credibility, pay per click explodes online business for anyone to profit. Pay per click advertising is a great way of reaching your audience. You should always follow up and email until they respond back and turn into a conversion or when the past away. The results and roi with time, effort and money contributing to a ppc marketing campaign the outcome can be rewarding. According to over 2,000 different search engine internet marketers the statistics show that pay per click marketing campaigns

Uplift all other marketing efforts by double of the original standings when implementing pay per click advertising. “PPC has been rated as a very effective tactic in achieving increased lead generation, website traffic, increased online sales revenue and increased brand or product awareness, making this an important tactic for B2B and B2C organizations alike”Doyle,J(2010). Seeing your ad title on top of your competitor in the search engines creates great leverage for the company’s products or services. This also creates a fine reputation for whatever it is you’re selling. Pay per click, implements the affiliate model which provides purchase opportunities wherever online shoppers are surfing. Today many companies are breaking through to their...
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