Pay It Forward

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  • Published : April 25, 2013
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Pay It Forward is an inspiring movie about a boy who creates a movement from Nevada to California. This movement called “Pay it forward” started just from a 7th grade social studies class. It all starts with yourself, you do something nice or help 3 people in a major way and then they carry it on to 3 other people each. The numbers will grow so immense that the movement is able to stretch into different states in all different kinds of areas. This movement is an example of transcendentalism. Trevor, the boy shows transcendentalist traits by being independent and creating his own ideas. The people following the movement carry out transcendentalism by making a change in the world and trying to speak out with actions.

Every human life contributes to humanity as a whole, no matter what you are doing for society. In "Pay It Forward," one person's actions can impact the lives of others and then more people after that - like a ripple. People participating in the movement are changing society little by little. They are speaking out through actions and not words. That is a trait of a transcendentalist, making a change and doing what you think is right.

Trevor is a transcendentalist himself. He thought of this idea on his own and even though his idea sometimes failed, he never gave up. He never became a follower of another person. It is very hard for a 7th grader to live like he did. Trevor is a strong, independent boy whose movement could change the world. Pay It Forward is a great movie that shows transcendentalism in many ways.
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