Pay It Forward

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  • Published : December 16, 2012
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Pay It Forward
Movie Review:
This movie is very touching for me that is ,for a twelve year old kid like Trevor McKinney ,his project would be impossible for any other kid around his age, but not for Trevor. When his project question was shown to the class Trevor thought and enacted his own idea at the same day and to the remaining days of his life. At the day of his birthday he was interviewed for his successfully viral idea it was the happiest day of his life, he got his mother and his teacher together and at the same time helped millions of other people; But the sad thing about this day was his own death cause of love (NOT THAT I’M SAYING HE LOVED THAT BOY). Love is who... is not mentioned ...Love which is in-between every action Love which is unstoppable, made everything possible to the impossible; though he died millions of people lived his idea forward. There are a lot of lessons to be learned in this movie and it’s up to the viewers of the movie to find it (I won’t mention every lesson picked up here you know) (^_^). Summary:

Pay it forward is the projected of Trevor that aims to help people. He started with Jerry a broken man to his teacher Mr. Simonet and last to Adam. His project worked like this: Trevor will help three persons and this three person will help other three or more persons and those more persons will pay it forward so on and so forth. Thus this project is a total utopian idea as his teacher implies but Trevor did not care what other thinks about his idea whether it is impossible or a bad idea, he just wants to help people besides the fact that he is still a 12 year old. The first person he helped was Jerry the homeless broken man who helps Trevor’s mom fix her car and explained to her what her son’s idea was, and stopped a woman from committing a suicide. The second person he helped was his teacher Mr. Simonet by this he became his step father… kinda like it. Trevor’s idea became viral it affected millions of people and maybe even...
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