Pay It Forward

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Trevor McKinney, an eleven and a half year old boy, begins seventh grade in Las Vegas, Nevada. Eugene Simonet, his social studies teacher, gives the class an assignment to invent and put into action a plan that will transform the world for the better. Trevor's plan is a generous program built on the networking of good deeds. He calls his plan "Pay it forward", which means the receiver of a favor does a favor for a third party rather than paying the favor back.

Trevor’s first good deed is to let Jerry, a homeless man, live in his garage. In exchange, Jerry returns the favor forward by undertaking car repairs for Trevor’s mother. Later on, Jerry reverts back into his drug addiction letting all of Trevor’s hard work to seem unsuccessful. Magnificently, Jerry pays his dues forward by conversing with a suicidal lady who is about to leap off a bridge.

Arlene (Trevor’s mother), opposes Eugene about her sons assignment after learning about Jerry in their home. At that time Eugene is selected by Trevor as the next “pay it forward” mark and deceits Eugene and his mother into a fanciful dinner date. This plan also seems to fail till Trevor and Arlene dispute about her heavy drinking and she smacks him out of anger. When Trevor runs away from home, the two adults are brought back together again to help her find her son.

When Trevor is found later, Arlene starts to pursue his son’s teacher sexually. Having burn marks noticeable on his neck and face, Eugene at first resists Arlene’s sexual advances. After they have slept with each other, Eugene is seen to have a wide range of scarring over his torso. Regardless of his physical deformity, Arlene accepts him just the way he is. Arlene deserts their relationship when her alcoholic ex-husband Ricky returns. Eugene is raged by her ex-husbands return and tries to warn Arlene that Ricky’s old abusive habit will continue if she takes him back. When Ricky continues his abusive behavior once again, Arlene...
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