Pay Is a Good Motivator

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  • Published : January 30, 2011
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“Pay is a good motivator” is no longer agreed to, to some extent it does gives motivation but later it turns people to be greedy in all ways. Money again holds a very important place in every individual’s life because nothing is possible without money. In the beginning every individual gets motivation of being paid for the work they have done but as we get use to it we want more and more, which rule outs the saying “Pay is a good motivator”. Maslow’s hierarchy of needs is represented in a form of a pyramid.

He has given various needs like self-actualization, safety, physiological but all of them are ineffective motivators. This is because satisfied needs do not work as motivators to anyone. It’s an individual’s mental and psychological ability to determine what all works as motivators for them. Now it’s generally a practice in every organization that employee get monetary rewards for their work but again those who deserve them don’t get, so how can money be a motivator to any individual. Today every second person is corrupted or has done fraud in the organization it’s again all for money. When money cause such unwanted things in our society how can it be a motivator. I agree that when an individual gets employment for the first time and gets his first pay it do acts as a motivator because it’s the beginning but again slowly and slowly this motivations comes to null when we are use to our work. Thus money is a motivation to an extent but later it ceases to motivate after a particular time.
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