Pay for Play

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  • Published : December 6, 2012
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Wesley Rush
English Period 2
Research Paper Rough Draft
Pay for Play
There are many college athletes across the world that receives no type of money for the sports they play. Actually, it is illegal for them to receive any types of money from anybody except from the school. People argue for the college athletes about how they should receive money but other people say they should not because they are already getting a full scholarship to go to the school. College sports have the biggest television network station and they make a lot of revenue off of the college athletes playing their respective sport. Many college athletes cannot even find a descent meal to eat because of the NCAA rule stating that they cannot receive money. This is what makes it tempting for the athletes to accept stuff money from the athletic boosters. College athletes spend the majority of their time at practice or games than studying for exams. It is basically like a full time job because they are there for the whole week.

Athletes are restricted from making money. “Amateurism provides no benefit to the athlete, neither enhancing his education nor making him a better person. The Olympics began taking amateurism out of its charter in the 1970s, yet the N.C.A.A. holds onto it as a cherished ideal. Money is not the problem in college sports. The problem is that the athlete is restricted from making any (Bilas).” College athletes cannot make money because of a rule the N.C.A.A. stated and it is not benefiting them. Student athletes generate a large amount of revenue for the NCAA and the NCAA should "give-back" a small amount to the athletes. Athletes should get paid in return for the play. "They are unpaid workers, and in big-time college athletics, not just football, there are no amateurs. Whenever you get something of value for performing athletically, you're a professional. They call it a scholarship, fees, books, tuition and so forth. What I want are the athletes to have some...
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