Pawnbroker and Sub Private Sub

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This chapter presents the Introduction, Background of the study, Statement of the problem, Objective of the study, Hypothesis of the study, Scope and Delimitation, Significance of the study, and the Definition of terms.

Technology plays a vital role in business. Over the years businesses have become dependent on technology so much so that if we were to take away that technology virtually all business operations around the globe would come to a grinding halt. Almost all businesses and industries around the world are using computers ranging from the most basic to the most complex of operations. The pawnshop management system is a store that offers money, usually a fraction of the value, for a variety of different items.Normally a person pawns an item at a pawn shop and then has a month or two to redeem the item by paying back the money owed. There is usually an additional charge or pawn shop fee that must be paid prior to getting the item back. The pawnshop management system has been designed to provide the best custom software for pawnbrokers and second-hand dealers. It is essentially a customized database allowing you to save both client records and item records.The pawn shop may also take some items on consignment Instead of offering money to the client right away, they may offer money only if the item is sold. Usually the profits earned are split between the pawn shop and the previous owner. Further, sometimes the pawn shop offers people an opportunity to merely sell their items, which gives the pawn shop, in most cases, the ability to sell something right away.

Mercedes pawnshop started on 1998,The owner serves as the manager/appraiser when it opened. 19 Pioneer avenue main office later the owner hired an appraiser because they open a new branch street. Westside street Public Market was established on 1990. Four years later another new branch opened at Pioneer Avenue the opposite side of main office,from 2 employees it became 9 employees including the security guards until now it still existing but unlike before. Clients are looking for high appraisal and they cannot give them. They prefer to transfer to other pawnshop where they can get the highest appraisal of their jewelry. STATEMENT OF THE PROBLEM

This study helps to lessen the following problems in Pawnshop * Spending much time to encode the important information of the client. * Spending much time computing for the total amount to be paid by the clientbase on the specified amount of the pawneditem. * Spending much time to find the serial number of the client in the record list filed that stored in the steel cabinet. * Having a hard time managing the records and account of the client. * The management finds difficult to find redeemed items after redemption.

This study aims the following general and specific objectives GENERAL OBJECTIVES
* To develop a Pawnshop System.

* To create a system that will help to encode the client’s information easily. * To create a system that will help lessen much time computing for the total amount to be paid by the clientbase on the specified amount of the pawned item and interest. * To create a system that will easily locate the client’s serial number in the record list. * To develop a system that will help ease the burden upon managing the records and accounts of a client. * To develop a system that is user friendly.

The following are the alternative and null hypotheses of the proposed system:
The following are the Alternative Hypotheses
* That the proposed system is well organized.
* That the proposed system ensures data integrity
* That the proposed system will process the transaction in a fast way. NULL HYPHOTHESES
The following are the Null Hypotheses:
* The proposed...
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