Pausanias's Idea of Vicious Lover vs. Virtuous One

Topics: Morality, Aphrodite, Ethics Pages: 1 (421 words) Published: February 11, 2013
Pausanias is saying that it is morally corrupt to engage in any sort of sexual gratification solely for the purpose of fulfilling your own desires while it is morally noble to satisfy another with no regard to your own fulfillment. Pausanias's idea of the vicious lover is an individual of very low morals who indiscriminately uses others for his own personal gratification, with no regard for his lovers needs, wants or desires.  This type of  lover is not trying to achieve a purer state of being, nor is he trying to gain any virtue in his relationships, he is only interested in satisfying his most basic of urges. Pausanias also describes the virtuous lover as the epitome of what all individuals should try to achieve and become. This is the purer, more elevated kind of love.  This love is one in which the lover cares more for his partner and their needs than of his own.  This kind of love is said to bring the individuals true happiness. The relationship between the two kinds of lovers and the two goddesses of love, is that they are virtually the same.  The virtuous lover is surely ruled by the heavenly Aphrodite, who reigns over a more spiritual pure love, while the vicious lover is only interested in satisfying primal urges he has, which is the common Aphrodite's domain.  

I do not believe Pausanias is correct  in his assertion of the vicious lover verses the virtuous one.  While the virtuous lover is thought to be one of higher moral fiber,  one of a more pure spirituality, someone who shares a deeper connection with his lover, he is in actuality engaged in this relationship, as its described by Pausanias, of having ones basic and primal needs meet. The nature of this relationship is that the older man bestows knowledge on the young boy and in exchange the young boy fulfills the elders physical and emotional desires.  The vicious lovers also are having their desires fulfilled and their needs met, presumably with others who are they themselves vicious lovers....
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