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Life as We Deal with It
Warrior of the Light and The Alchemist, by Paulo Coelho, express the truth of life and how to deal with it. People are able to overcome obstacles in their lives with perseverance according to the Warrior of the Light, where Santiago shows perseverance in challenges he is put through during his journey to achieve his Personal Legend, the dream of finding treasure, in The Alchemist. Understanding symbols have been very important throughout decision-making, stated by the Warrior of the Light like when Santiago gained the skill of being able to solve and understand symbols around him, in The Alchemist. God uses symbols to help people move on with their life, in the Warrior of the Light. In which God helped Santiago through omens, people, and the “Language of the World” in order to find his treasure in The Alchemist. The books, The Warrior of the Light and The Alchemist, by Paulo Coelho explain the truth of life and explain methods of how people should cooperate with it especially at times where you are a point of trying to achieve a goal.

Paulo Coelho uses the Warrior of the Light and The Alchemist to show that perseverance is a key to achieving goals. The Warrior of the Light consists of quotes. One of them is stating that however difficult the objective is, there is always a way of surpassing obstacles: “However difficult the objective, there is always a way of overcoming obstacles. He seeks out alternative paths, he sharpens his sword, he tries to fill his heart with the necessary determination to face the challenge.”(Warrior 18)

Every person has an objective in life and it’s not going to be easy accomplishing it. The Warrior of the Light helps us see that even any objective has an obstacle but there is always a way of solving it so do not lose hope. People should persevere at whatever life throws at them in which they should fill their hearts and minds with determination to overcoming it. In The Alchemist, sacrifices have been made by Santiago to take a step forward to reaching his goal. He showed perseverance by sacrificing his sheep, his only worthy possession, proving how determined he was to complete his goal. The old wise king that he met requested Santiago give him one-tenth of his flock of sheep in trade for wisdom and information about his dream(Alchemist, 24) in which Santiago agreed(Alchemist, 32). It’s not easy to give up your belongings, especially when it`s all you have left. In Santiago`s situation, he sacrificed his sheep, in order to gain wisdom from the old man which would help him persevere to make his dream a reality. Obstacles have been put out for Santiago to face in his journey but this did not make him give up his quest to find his treasure. He quickly met a stranger and trusted him enough to let him hold all of his money and in soon after he was robbed (Alchemist, 35-38). He was tricked by the stranger and the moment he got distracted, the stranger ran off with his money (Alchemist, 38). Instead of crying himself out because of what happened, he faced the problem in a positive way: “As he mused about these things, he realized that he had to choose between thinking of himself as the poor victim of a thief and as an adventurer in quest of his treasure. ‘I’m an adventurer, looking for treasure,’ he said to himself.” (Alchemist, 42). Santiago looked at his unfortunate situation in a positive way and did not give up. He pushed himself forward to the next step of finding his treasure. Santiago was given the real test of perseverance when he is given the option to go back to the things it were where he lived his normal life as a shepherd or to take the risk of finding his treasure. He had already faced a lot of problems and he wanted his old life back (Alchemist, 64). He thought carefully and decided to take the risk and continue looking for the treasure (Alchemist, 64). With dedication for finding the treasure, he decides to go look for it even if there’s a high chance of...
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