Paul Kelly

Topics: Domestic violence, Child abuse, Violence Pages: 2 (547 words) Published: June 1, 2012
Paul Kelly writes about love gone wrong

Paul Kelly is a world famous Australian born singer song writer who is most famous for his meaningful songs and lyrics which depict a variety of life experiences through the stories of different characters. In Paul Kelly’s anthology of songs there are many that don’t retell your typical cliché love story; instead, Kelly expresses love from all different angles. He sings about the ride that love takes you on both ups and downs. Kelly is able to cleverly recognise that everybody makes mistakes and he addresses these by singing songs about love that was once there that has now ended, consequences that occur when under the influence of substance abuse in a relationship. The is also some characters in Kelly’s songs which show what happens when violence is involved.

In Kelly’s collection of songs, he sings about reciprocated love which over a period of time unfortunately came to an end. ‘When I first met your ma’ is a song which Kelly sings to his child about the relationship he had with his first wife. He reminisces the tender and innocent relationship the once had, ‘she took my hand, we could not stop our kissing’ and accepts the relationship that was ‘love like a bird flies away’. This phrase demonstrates the sadness through the song, that love must eventually come to an end, but through this song this it is evident that the relationship is seen as a nostalgic experience. The message portrayed through this song is in the line ‘You’ll find out the only way’ which is a negative lesson being taught saying that you’ll find out the hard way. This can be closely contrasted to another one of Kelly’s love songs about good memories, ‘Winter Coat’ which

Winter coat

To her door
Love never runs on time

When violence is involved in a relationship, it often goes un noticed until someone gets hurt. Kelly’s ironically titled song ‘Sweet Guy’ is a story of domestic violence which begins as a passion and satisfying...
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