Paul Keating’s Funeral Service of the Unknown Soldier & Anwar Sadat’s Statement to the Knesset

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  • Published : August 29, 2012
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Paul Keating’s speech Funeral Service of the Unknown Soldier was a eulogy given on the 11th of November 1993 and was in honor of the soldiers who gave their lives in the first world war, the speech was given at the memorial gardens in Canberra and was also televised all over Australia; and throughout the speech an air of remembrance and the ability of us as a unified nation to overcome these obstacles. Anwar Sadat delivered his speech on the 20th of November 1977 in the Israeli Knesset, house of parliament, and was an unprecedented turn of events following a long history of Egyptian attacks on Israel and vice versa, this speech was an attempt to establish a peace between the two feuding nations, this peace is time and time again said to based on a universal justice that can be respected by any race or religion. The funeral service of an unknown soldier was given on the Australian National Day of Remembrance, on this day the speech was fitting to the atmosphere of not only to the audience of the service but the entire country, and it is also made evident throughout the speech that Keating is talking to the entire country and not just the people present at the service when he says “We have gained a legend…and a deeper meaning of what it is to be Australian” the use of inclusive makes us feel a part of this epic and not just remembering someone who did something for us a long time ago, along with his heavy use of anaphora used in conjunction with this inclusive language the underlying idea of unity rely driven home. Keating presented in his speech this idea of remembrance, an idea of a loss not in vain, a loss that was made in the hope of a better future and how we should not let this loss go without meaning, how we should not forget, how we should come together as a nation, and remember what the unknown soldier fought for as he hoped that “He might enshrine a nation’s love of peace”. In the speech Keating presents this story of an Unknown Soldier in an artistic...
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