Paul Is Dead Speech

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  • Published : May 21, 2013
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Informative Speech
Full Sentence Outline
Tyler White

1. Intro-
a. Attention Grabber: When Queen Elizabeth awarded Beatles member Paul McCartney knighthood in March of 1997, is it possible the man being given one of the highest recognitions in society was an imposter? b. Who are the Beatles?:

i. The Beatles were an English rock band made up of John Lennon, Paul McCartney George Harrison, and Ringo Star. ii. They started playing in pubs throughout Liverpool. iii. And, long story short, the band becomes one of the greatest most influential musical acts in history. c. Thesis: However, I didn’t come today to discuss the extraordinary success of the Beatles, but rather to explain an exciting concept that arose from the massively popular English rock stars. iv. To set the stage I am going to provide some background to for the topic. The conspiracy of Paul McCartney’s Death, first started in 1969 when, according to (Gardner, 2008), a radio station received a call from a listener who began to speak of various clues that were embedded in the work of the Beatles that all added up to the death of one very important man. The disk jockey at the time was obviously skeptical, but upon further research, he found a college thesis paper that for the most part, matched the story of the anonymous man. The radio personality went on to reveal the connections on the air basically leading to a moment of mass hysteria. v. Today, this is one of the biggest conspiracies in the music industry and today I will discuss the various forms of evidence that instigated the conspiracy of Paul McCartney’s death such as, clues embedded within Album art and lyrics, and the signs that can be recognized right here on my shirt, as well as how various groups were affected by the event. 2. Body 1-Evidence in Album Artwork-

d. According to (Skrabut, April) Many conspirators believe the first clues of Paul’s Death to be...
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