Paul Gauguin

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  • Published: November 23, 2012
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Paul Gauguin

Danielle Arnold

L. Scott Roberts

Art Appreciation

11 November 2011

Paul Gauguin

Like so many artists one studies, the life of Paul Gauguin was filled with internal struggles on daily matters and beliefs. Gauguin was not dealt an easy life from the very beginning. Born to French journalist and half Peruvian mother, Gauguin came to know the cruelty of life at a very young age. In 1851, he and his family moved to Peru due to the climate of the period. On the voyage to Peru, his father died; leaving him with his mother and sister to survive on their own. The family lived in Peru for four years and during that time, Gauguin came under the influence of certain imagery that would affect the rest of his life. His family then moved back to France where Gauguin excelled in academic studies. He went on to serve two years in the navy and then became a stockbroker. He married a woman by the name of Mette Sophie Gad, and proceeded to have five children. (“Paul Gauguin”).

Gauguin always enjoyed art in its many forms and soon purchased his own studio to show off Impressionist paintings. He moved his family to Copenhagen to continue being a stockbroker, but felt as if he was to pursue the life of an artist full time. He moved back to France to follow his passion for art, leaving his family behind. Just like many artists, he suffered from depression and had several suicide attempts. Gauguin soon became very frustrated with the art of the 1800’s and sailed to the tropics to escape life. He then used what he saw there as inspiration for many of the works that he produced. In 1903, he got in trouble with the government and was sentenced to jail for a short time. At the young age of 54, Gauguin died of syphilis, probably contracted from the natives in Tahiti.

Gauguin left a rather large impact on the world of art. He rubbed shoulders with some of the most world renown French artists. His biography states,...
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