Paul's Case & the Rocking Horse Winner

Topics: Horse, Horse racing, Boy Pages: 4 (1744 words) Published: December 12, 2012
“Paul’s Case” and “The Rocking Horse Winner”
After reading “Paul’s Case” by Willa Cather and “The Rocking Horse Winner by D.H Lawrence the reader can realize these stories are warnings against materialism and the longing to have it all. Two different characters both by the name of Paul face a difficult situation, the desire to acquire more money. A substantial number of outside forces of both characters lead them to believe they need more than they already have. While feeling alienated the boys do harmful things to their body in order to feel accepted. Finally, because of the lack of money both Paul’s demoralize their character by lowering their values in seeking out the desired money. With substantial outside forces of both characters, they begin to believe they need more then what they already have. As for both Paul’s neither are homeless, nor have fear about when they will have their next meal however, the reference of outside forces must be understood. When speaking of outside forces in both stories it is referred to something that is out side of the hands of both boys. From the story “The Rocking Horse Winner” the term is referring to the house he lives in and gift of being lucky. As for the story “Paul’s Case” the outside force is the fact that he was born into a middle class family and not that of power and money. Paul from the “Rocking Horse Winner” feels pressured to quiet the voices that are heard through out his house. The house constantly whispers, “There must be more money, there must be more money!” (805.) In order to hush the whispers he becomes obsessed with winning money. By providing more money the boy believes the house will be satisfied and stop the bothersome whispering. Once he sees his mother spending money on more things, he hears the whispers become louder “…Oh-h-h; There must be more more money. Oh now, now-w! Now-w-w- There must be more money”(812.) Paul is astonished at the results of bringing in...
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