Paul's Case Critical Paper

Topics: Red, Blue, Color Pages: 2 (867 words) Published: December 2, 2010
Paul’s Case Critical paper
Colors can symbolize an array of different feelings. In this case the story refers to several colors, which symbolize his frustrations, feelings and desires. In ‘Paul’s Case’ yellow refers to the ugliness, lies and fears in his life, blue indicates his dream world, red represents his desire to see himself differently, and purple pulses with luxury, royalty and prosperity in Paul’s new life. The first color that stands out the most is yellow because it refers to the ugliness, lies and fears in Paul’s life. Yellow symbolizes the ugliness, lies, and fears throughout Paul’s lifespan in the story. First of all, yellow makes Paul think of his house and how much he truly does repulse it. He never likes arriving in his room with his “horrible yellow wallpaper” (248). He response as though he is appalled by "the sight of it all; his ugly sleeping chamber; the cold bathroom with the grimy zinc tub, the cracked mirror, the dripping spigots" (249). Another yellow flash in Paul’s list of personality flaws is his lack of integrity, brought on by his chronic lying: “Paul was quite accustomed to lying; found it, indeed dispensable for overcoming friction” (244). On the other hand, Paul “never lied for pleasure…but to be noticed and admired, to assert his difference” (258). Basically he only lies to impress his peers, to escape to and from the theater, and to flee to New York. All in all yellow makes Paul feel frustrated and hopeless about anything in his life changing for the better. Paul is able to advance in his day to day life by his memorization with the color blue. When he sees the color blue throughout the story he drifts into his dream world where everything goes the way he wants it to. Art always seem to capture Paul and it then it lets him replace his real life into his deepest desires. One example is when he becomes overjoyed by "Raffelli's gay studies of Paris streets and an airy blue Venetian scene" (246). Another example is when he sits...
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