Paul's Case by Willa Carter

Topics: Thought, Psychology, Mind Pages: 2 (613 words) Published: April 14, 2013
It makes sense that Paul would run away because of the following reasons: •He lost his job
He got kicked out of school
Has nothing to contribute to society
Better advantage in New York which also is a part of his dream •Wants to escape the lifestyle he was living before
Cather withholds information regarding how Paul has so much money in New York due to: •To give the reader a sense of developing
Doesn’t want to give too much information at the beginning •Author makes it seem as though Paul has his lifestyle together •make it seems as if it was Paul's money and kept the reader interested in reading more. •The “thing” in the corner mentioned on page eight is his self-conscious and moral sense. Paul’s actions have altered his sense of this “thing” as something he has been able to stand up to. Also being able to not allow his self-conscious to torment him the way it had been before. All of this standing up has given him a sense of relief. •This part of the story is set in winter because:

It contrasts his past life and present life
Able to live his life freely
Gives him a sense of a “magical lifestyle”
The flower that he also mentions brings a sense of relief, and more changes to his life •The important details regarding Paul’s use of the stolen money: •Using it to live the dream that he as always wanted

Gives the readers a sense of understanding of how Paul has always wanted his life to be •Paul is able to do things without having to think twice about anything • He despises the very place that is most real in his mind and longs for the abstract world of the upper class. •To move away to some place, where he is better accepted for his lifestyle and akwardness. •The eager to live the upperclass lifestyle

Paul isn’t lonely because he feels that now his surroundings explain the person he has become in New York now. He doesn’t have to walk around thinking about what other people think because nobody in New York questions...
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