Paul's Case

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Paul in Paul’s Case

Paul is the main character in “Paul’s Case”- a short story about the short life of this poor little boy. Paul is described as an idealistic, lying, suicidal young man. When I started reading the story, and probably like most other readers, I thought that this is just a boring story about a loser who always hated his life, was hated by other, was unsuccessful, and who ended up killing himself. However, having to re-read the story, I realized that there were more about Paul than his lame appearance. Behind that façade, there were some understandable explanations: his misunderstanding about money, his obsession with art, his estrangement for being homosexual. The first reason that makes Paul the way he was is his misunderstanding of money. Paul believed that money would solve any kind of problems. He respected the rich over the poor. He was disgusted with his own place: cramped houses, grubby bathrooms, simple clothes. He hated that his father gave him so little money as well as the fact that his father would save every penny; yet, he didn’t understand that those behaviors were what would make one become wealthy. He wanted to be rich, but did not want to start at the bottom like other people such as his father and his friend. He thought that people were just simply born rich or poor. He even believed that somehow he was born poor, that he was supposed to be born to a higher class family. However, this was not his entire fault. Some other people, just like Paul, were born not wealthy, but being around high class people makes them think that they were born to a wrong place. This leads to many misbehaviors: look down on others, stealing money, earning illegal incomes, etc. In Paul’s case, he disrespected people in his neighborhood for their appearances and acts. Much more serious, he stole $1000 from his employer to fulfill his desire – luxury living. In general, Paul was just a child who was spoiled by money and that leaded to many wrong...
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