Patton Fuller Networking

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  • Published : March 22, 2012
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Patton-Fuller Community Hospital Networking
Patton-Fuller Community Hospital has been serving the needs of its community since 1975. To maintain functionality over such a long span of time, Patton-Fuller has had to adapt to changing technologies. Today, Patton-Fuller utilizes Information Technology to its fullest, establishing a network in which vital data can be transferred both internally and externally with ease and speed. The communication of this data can be visualized via the Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) model.

Patton-Fuller Network:
Patton-Fuller’s Logical Network is segmented into two distinct networks, Administrative Functions and Clinical Areas. The Administrative Functions network consists of the following nodes: •Hospital Executive Management

Human Resources
Information Technology and Data Center
These nodes are connected via a bus topology, where each node shares a single transmission medium (“Networking Topologies,” 2012 ). An Ethernet backbone connects these nodes, utilizing a CAT 6 cable transmitting 1000 BaseT (“IT Network Diagrams- Top View,” 2012). The Clinical Areas network consists of:

Operating Rooms
Intensive Care Units
Emergency Room
nodes, also utilizing a bus topology to connect them. Unlike the Administrative Functions network, however, the backbone of these nodes is a single mode fiber cable transmitting at 1000 BaseF (“IT Network Diagrams- Top View,” 2012).

Patton-Fuller and the OSI Model:
Both the fiber cable transmitting at 1000 BaseF for the Clinical Areas network and the CAT 6 Cable transmitting at 1000 BaseT for the Administrative Functions network utilize the seventh layer of the OSI model, the physical layer. “The Physical layer is responsible for the ultimate transmission of data over network communications media (“OSI Model Physical Layer One- Visual Guide to Networking,” 2012).” Via...
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