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Patton-Fuller Community Hospital
CMGT/554 IT Infrastructure
July 12, 2010

Patton-Fuller Community hospital is a non-for-profit health care organization that provides specialized services such as emergency medical care, surgery, labor and delivery, physical therapy, and radiology for adults and children. As one of the first hospitals in Kelsey, they are also committed to providing a variety of programs that will support the health and welfare of their local community populations (Apollo Group, 2006). Patton-Fuller Community Hospital uses a variety of different network systems. However, there are several systems that are often missed within their current network architecture. Patton-Fuller also has wireless technology currently in use. Let us explore the current systems in use, what they may be missing from the current network architecture and how wireless technology enhances the hospital network. Patton-Fuller Community hospital structure from an IT network perspective includes logical network, administration network details, radiology, RIS data center, OR/ICU/Ward floor systems, and IT data center. The logical network interconnections consist of the following administrative departments using a 1000 BaseT using CAT 6 cable; Hospital Executive Management, Human Resources, Operations, Facilities, Finance, and IT Data Center. These departments use the same Ethernet and are routed to a network bridge. The logical network interconnections also consist of the following clinical departments using a 1000 BaseF using single mode fiber; Radiology, Operating Rooms, Wards, ICU’s, Emergency Room, Labs, and Pharmacy. These departments use the same Ethernet and are routed to the same network bridge as the administration departments (Apollo Group, 2008). The following is a breakdown of the administrative network details: * All Executive Management workstations are equipped with Apple iMACS 24” 2.4 GHzGB RAM500 MB HD, Wireless 10/100/1000 base TOS Virtualization with MAC OS X Leopard and Windows XP. * HR, OPNS, and Finance Senior Manager workstations are Apple iMAC 20" 2 GHz 350 MB HD, Wireless 10/100/1000 Base TOS Virtualization with MAC OS X Leopard &Windows XP * All personnel involved in data entry in HR, OPNS, & Finance. Thin Client computers HPmodelL1706 * Each major department has two B&W laser printers and one Color laser printer * B&W Networked Laser Printer HP 4350

* Color Networked Laser Printer HP 4200ph (Apollo Group, 2008) The Radiology department uses a 1000 BaseF using single mode fiber, as mentioned above. Modality Viewing Stations include MRI, CT, X Ray, Mammograms, PET and Nuclear Medicine and Sonography. Each modality has its own viewing station: Apple Mac Pro, 2 -3 GHz quad processors, 16 GB RAM, 4-750 MB HD in RAID, Nvidia FX 4500 image card, FO Network card, 2 Apple 30" “Cinema” flat panel displays, OsiriX imaging SW, OS Virtualization with MAC OS X Leopard and Windows XP Pro, and APC 2 KVA UPS. DICOM uses a Digital to Film Printer, one per modality viewing station and one in the ER, which is a KODAK 6800 Dry Laser Printer. DICOM to Film. The Emergency Room per bay has one workstation for use with the portable X-Ray machine: MAC PRO with 2 Dual 3 GHz Processors, 8 GB RAM, 2 750 GB HD RAID, Fiber card, Super drive, OS Virtualization with MAC OS X, Leopard and Windows XP Pro, Osarix imaging SW, and 30 “ Display. Regular workstations per ER bay have an iMAC consisting of 20 inch display, 2.0 GHz, 2GB RAM, 350 GB HD, Superdrive, Fiber card, OS virtualization with MAC OS X and Windows XP Pro. In their laboratories, all workstations have Apple iMAC which comes with a 20" Display, 2.4 GHz, 2GB RAM, 500 MB HD, Fiber Card, Super Drive, OS Virtualization with MAC OS X Leopard and Windows XP Pro, and one HP 4700pht color laser printer/lab. Last, in the Pharmacy, all workstations include Apple iMAC that comes with a 20" display, 2.4 GHz, 2GB RAM, 500 MB HD, Fiber card, Super...
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