Pattern of Development in Children

Topics: Developmental psychology, Childhood, Child development Pages: 1 (286 words) Published: January 18, 2012
There can be many reasons why development may not follow expected patterns. For example, disability can affect several areas of development at the same time but early support might help minimise the effects of the disability. Emotional reasons if a child is not settled and having good attachments they are more likely to have low confidence and self esteem they might not try new tasks and have a lack of motivation. Physical development be effected by genetics this can mean physical growth difficulties or may be the child might be a slower learner. Social-economical environmental can effect child development as well. Like poverty, where a child lives, education and their family structure can effect a child’s development. Culturally how people bring up their children can differ vastly like in china a girl is deemed second class to a boy the boy is worth tying to a boat but not a girl. Other cultures have restrictions on children’s freedoms this can adversely affect the child’s development. Social children born into poverty and families whose parents are separated are likely to have negative effects of children’s development or if a family might give less time to activities which aid children’s developments like a lack of play this can also effect child development. Learning difficulties children might have these due to genetic diseases, birth difficulties, and cognitive difficulties or might just have difficulties with writing or reading. Also communication as or medical reasons like hearing or tongue tied can cause communication problems children who have communication needs find it hard to express themselves and can show aggressive behaviour when frustrated. Children who experience communication needs might have problems with reading and writing.
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