Pattaya Problems

Topics: Tourism, World Tourism Organization, Abuse Pages: 2 (726 words) Published: December 6, 2012
3.1 Environmental issues
Fast and uncontrolled tourism growth impact negatively on Pattaya. According to observation, the sea and nearby areas are very polluted.  
3.1.1  Water pollution.
The water is very dirty and lots of garbage over there. Some hotels’ sewage still go right into the sea and at some places the water has thin layer of fuel which is used in jet-skies. All this damage marine life and also make the water dangerous for people. Many tourists complained that if they accidentally swallowed the sea water, they had got a diarrhea. 3.1.2  Pollution of the beaches and nearby areas

 The condition of the beaches in Pattaya (Jomtien and Central beaches) is not proper. There is lots of garbage in the sand, such as broken glasses, cigarettes, plastic bags, etc. There are no garbage bins, so people just throw the trash where they want. One of the crucial factors is that there are no changing rooms, showers or restrooms on  the Pattaya Beaches.   

3.1.3  There is lack of strict regulations about environmental pollution and the lack of organizations for monitoring pollution. The Authority of Environmental Management and Administration is responsible of the cleaning the Pattaya's beaches, and they do it monthly. This is not enough for such popular tourist destination. During the trip to Pattaya researches couldn't find any information about government standards for the condition of the beach (water purity, sand purity, safety). According to the research, there is no pollution monitoring organizations in Pattaya. Nowadays, the condition of natural environment of Pattaya is at the high risk. Nature is degrading very fast, and if the government doesn’t take step to conserve or improve the situation, in several years they will lose the natural tourists attractions such as sea, sand and sun.  

3.2 Cultural and social issues
Tourism effects culture in different aspects, such as buildings, food, dress, events, lifestyle and handicrafts. 3.2.1 Infiltration of...
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