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Pattaya is a wonderful place to visit during holiday in December. It has many things that you want and have many beautiful places. It was famous in Thailand. Many people want to visit Pattaya because it has something that people unexpected.

Pattaya have many places that make you smile and funny. First place is Pattaya Beach is popular. It has delicious food and you can play the sea and pile of sand. It has a lot of activity such as play Banana Boat, Jet Ski, Cycling along the beach etc. You can eat fresh seafood at seaside. It has a lot of large shrimp, crabs, shellfish fish and much seafood that you can not eat another place. It is a nice and comfortable atmosphere. People in Pattaya are very nice and friendly. Second place is Tiffany show Alcazar Cabaret. It is elegant and beautiful show and amazing. Tiffany is show by ladyboys. The dress is beautiful and elegant. If you went to Pattaya should went to this place so it will make you happy and amazing about it. Third place is the 4-Region Floating Market. There was a touch of rustic charm of Thailand with replicas of traditional houses in Thailand are the lined them along the way. It has shop selling souvenir, food, some snack and drink. Such area was dividend into regions. It has North, Central area, the Northeast and the south. Shop have both in the shelter on land and on the boats which around the floating market. Product by the fourth part will vary according to the culture of each region. And this place you can sit on the boat and atmosphere around it. Forth place is Mini Siam. It accumulates about landmark of Thailand and foreign in this place. It has mini size so you can know and see about landmark of another country and landmark in Thailand. A visit here is like a trip around Thailand and around the world in a single day. At night, the lights are also beautiful. And Pattaya is famous about pub and bar so you can hang out with your friends and party at night because many people came to...
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