Patroit Act Right Out of 1984

Topics: United States, United States Constitution, Federal Bureau of Investigation Pages: 2 (610 words) Published: September 30, 2008
I am severley opposed to the Patriot Act. I feel that it infinges on our rights as American citizens. I also feel that it is an unconstitutional act that was passed in the heat of September eleventh. If we let the government get away with the Patriot Act, then what more will they be taking in the name of national defence? I therefor must say that I think that the Patriot Act is nothing more than a tool our government uses to spy on it's people.

The Patriot Act allows the United States government search a persons home, e-mail, or mail without a search warrent or informing the person. When I first heard this I was shocked that something like this was actually approved. I was supprised because it should be unconstitutional. It violates the Fourth Amendment, it forgoes the need for a search warrent. If our govenrment can search us without a search warrent, then i'm not sure I feel safe. The thought that the FBI could come into my house and search through my belongings without a warrent, just because the think I might have done something. Infact you do not even have to physically do something to warrent getting searched all you have to do is speak.

My favorite Amendment is the first, it garuntees our right to free speach among many other things. The Patriot Act has defialed and stepped on the face of the First Amendment. We can be search or even jail simply because we say something that someone can interperite as threatening to national security. What has happened to our free speach? In 2003 Sami al-hussayen was arrested for lending "expert advice and assistance" to a terrorist organiztion. The "terrorist" organization was the Islamic Assembly of North America and this expert advice was links to speeches by muslim scholars! This is an outrage! This is what happens when it is left for someone to "interperite" what is threatening to national security. From my point of view it seems that this is racial profialing. For many Americans they interperite a Muslim or a...
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